Chuck Wood Tour
By Pádraig Collins The Irish Times

Chuck Wood is angrier than the average teenager. He's a leering, foul-mouthed sociopath who spits, swears and projectile-vomits over people without warning. Every now and then he is possessed; his eyes go red and he shouts, "I had that dream again last night. The killing dream. You were in it." But his main point of demarcation from other teenagers is that Chuck is a dummy.
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HQ, Abbey Street
By Gerry Colgan The Irish Times

The fun in watching a ventriloquist used to be in not watching the twitching of his lips as he got the dummies to talk. Voice-throwing and all that optical illusion stuff usually made for an amusing act sandwiched into a variety show.
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Edinbugh Festival
By Leon McDermott The Scotsman

There is something not quite right about the desire to stand on stage talking to a miniature version of yourself, or to a small stuffed animal. Or, indeed, to a small blue and red alien with a sinister grin and bulging eyes.
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Strassman Supreme
By Michael Day West Australian

Even before ventriloquist David Strassman came on stage, his offstage threats about mobile phones had the capacity crowd laughing.
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