“He has achieved what many considered impossible: He has made ventriloquism hip!”

- The Independent, London

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David Strassman: one man, many voices. He's the dark-edged, avant-garde artist who lifted ventriloquism into the 21st century, acquiring a multitude of fans and critical acclaim along the way. Led by the evil Chuck Wood and delightfully cute Ted E Bare, Strassman's "renegade band of puppets" (as The Scotsman called them) create a multi-layered stage performance. Audiences forget that its actually a one-man show!
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Strassman LIVE! Vol 1 (DVD) on AMAZON

Strassman's first DVD release with all the "extras". Classic Chuck and Ted E. Bear routines accompanied with the renegade band of puppets you wouldn't want to meet on a dark night! "Brilliant!" -The Guardian

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